HYMOD – a Python library for steady state river modelling

If you know a bit about Python programming, the open source steady state river model (Hymod) developed by HydroInform may help you to make your river modelling more efficient.

You may already have experienced, that getting data such as river geometries and various parameters from their original data sources into a river model through the model user interface can be a tedious and frustrating process. Running and comparing scenarios are to some extend supported by most user interfaces, but still these user interfaces typically doesn’t do what you really want.

Hymod Python library is open source and gives you full control of every aspect of steady state river modelling. The model library comes with a short documentation and code examples demonstrating different types applications.

The Open source code can be installed with the pip install hydroInform command, from within you Python environment. Please contact HydroInform for documentation and example code.

The “hallo world“ example below demonstrates steps needed to get started. Naturally, real world applications will import river geometries from existing data sources.